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Experience the future of design with our immersive 3D Visualisation Services, crafted by qualified experts in civil engineering, highways, urban design and landscape architecture

“VR Visuals unifies stakeholder engagement by validating proposals through state-of-the-art 3D walkthroughs, ensuring clarity and expediting approvals, turning visions into captivating realities.”

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Sector-Specific Services

Solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our various industries Client.


Aid efficient planning & gain faster approvals with 3D visualisations. Ensuring projects meet industry standards


Craft sustainable cities. Data-driven 3D planning optimises livability, and citizen wellbeing within urban ecosystems


Enable collaborative design, prototype innovations. Optimise performance through immersive 3D industrial environments.


Visually simulate environments and human impacts for data-driven sustainability planning and ecological preservation initiatives


Collaborative design reviews create immersive environments to optimise leisure spaces for maximised quality of experience.

Health and Safety

Identify hazards, simulate incident scenarios, evaluate controls to prevent avoidable harm and loss.

Our life realistic 3D renderings evolve your designs from concept to completion. Collaborate closely with us to tailor engaging digital realities that are specifically aligned to your project needs, optimising communication and enhancing stakeholder buy-in

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Our specialised services for 3D Visualisation

Utilise state-of-the-art CAD and 3D modelling software to bring your projects to life with unparalleled detail and realism. Transform your proposals with high-quality images, 3D animations, and immersive experiences that captivate your audience.

Digital Realities

3D Visualisation is now an integral part of the design process of many projects. 3D visualisation can be used to build up concepts from scratch, help with design validation and approval and can be very effective in marketing and publicising your project.

Whatever the project, the benefits of working with a 3D model are limitless. Offering your clients a range of digital realities from high quality images, inspiring 3D animations to fast developing immersive experiences. This can be a truly transforming way to present your proposals, bringing your projects to life with expression and realism


We offer a full and comprehensive photomotage service. Modelling infrastructure, transportation, urban, industrial, environmental and renewables projects, showing how these proposals would appear in the built and wider landscape and preparing visualisation outputs for assessment purposes.

Baseline photographs with matching wirelines / photomontages / overlays and other supporting graphics / full adherence to clients’ current adopted visualisation protocols and current visualisation guidance from The Landscape Institute

3D Animations

3D animation is the best way to fully visualise your project and help sell your vision and design to your audience.

Our animations give you the ability to view your project early on in the design process which can be extremely valuable from both a design and development perspective. A video that shows what you would see if the scheme had been actually built provides a project with narrative, interest and makes your proposal really come to life. Having the ability to view your project in an animated video enables you to get a feel for the layout and flow of the overall scheme before making any large financial investments. Every little detail is captured in hyper-realism and high quality.

A winning way to really sell your project.

VR & Augmented Reality

In keeping pace with growing technologies and client expectations, many industries are turning to a third output to supplement their presentations and really sell their projects through a 360 virtual reality panoramic walkthrough. With VR walkthroughs, we can produce realistic, 360-degree images (similar to what we find with Google Street View) as well as an immersive experience through smartphones, tablets, PCs and VR headsets depending upon viewer’s preferences and available budgets.

With Covid-19 and all the social distancing we still maintain today, there’s never been a better time to utilise technology to see projects in detail from the safe environment of our homes. With VR technology, we can review project information, download drawings and design documents, watch video fly-throughs and respond to and complete consultation questionnaires with ease.

Industry Leading Team

The VR Visuals team uses state-of-the-art 3D modelling and animation to craft innovative visual solutions with clients across sectors. Our design expertise allows us to build immersive experiences that improve comprehension and decision-making. We are dedicated to providing value-focused visuals that enhance proposals and optimise ROI. Our bespoke, collaborative approach ensures we align with the distinct needs of each industry.

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Client Testimonials

From the very outset with our engagement with VR Visuals it was obvious we had made the correct decision. Their approach and professionalism were evident from the start and continued throughout the process of project delivery. The final product was above and beyond our expectations, resulting in MSF being short listed as a finalist for a technology innovation award for Construction News.


Fantastic service! Good initial consultation where we explored what the brief was and what was possible. My project was slightly different but Richard instantly got what we were trying to achieve. The level of detail was brilliant and turn around times impressive. Richard was superb to deal with from minute one and we have ended up with a great set of illustrations for our new business model. I couldn’t recommend him enough and hope to work with him again in the future. Thank you.

Canotto Pizza

Richard Childs has been instrumental in many of our projects with his high end 2D & 3D illustration services. He consistently provides a high level of customer service and we'd recommend him to anyone who's looking for high end and affordable 2D & 3D illustrations and models

Inside Out Group

I have worked with Ian Ibbotson for over 25 years and during that time he has always focussed on developing tried and tested methodologies to create workflows and tools that optimise the creation of the highest-quality visualisations. As a landscape architect he has a unique perspective, whether this needs him to take a holistic approach on large scale projects or consider the detail for smaller scale and more intimate projects. He has always been keen to face new challenges and use software in innovative ways to deliver projects that not only meet, but often exceed, client expectations.

Transoft Solutions Mike Shilton CMLI, Director

I employed Richard Childs to help us create a virtual consultation space for a major road network provider. The input and ideas to shape this virtual platform was done so in a collaborative manner and the feedback and ideas from Richard from previous platforms were greatly received. The virtual space has had positive feedback from various stakeholders. The platform was turned around efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Would highly recommend Richard and hope to work with him again.

Pell Frischmann Ltd. Darren Morris, Associate

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