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3D project Visualisation

If you require attractive, informative and ‘accessible’ illustrations in a style that perfectly suits your project, then VR Visuals’ experience and reputation for producing work of the highest quality, both quickly and economically, is your perfect solution. The team uses different media to give each visual representation a unique look and feel depending on the needs of the client, the target audience, the type of design and its end usage.


We provide a comprehensive range of high quality, civil, urban and environmental visualisation services for many clients across a whole raft of sectors and disciplines.

Sectors & Industries

One overriding difference between VR Visuals and our competition in the field of 3D visualisation is that we are all fully qualified planning and design professionals with many years’ experience working in our chosen disciplines. 

Our team typically works internally here, creating your virtual worlds in 3D. However, on many projects we work within our client’s own design teams, evolving their 2D designs into 3D realities and even utilising their own 3D models if available. Our clients are assured that we work with all types of digital data created in any current 2D CAD or 3D modelling software.

Years of Experience

In the full-time production of 3D visualisation and animation outputs (digital realities) for planning and design professionals.